How To Repair Mp3 Tags in iTunes

Do you have broken or incorrect mp3 tags? Are you searching for a quick and easy way to repair those tags? Well so was I up until about 6 months ago. As an extreme music downloader I have always had problems with the organization and tags of my mp3.
Downloading your music from different places on the web can lead to broken tags such as missing song titles, album titles or artist names.

So what is a person to do i this ever so common situation? Are you suppose to go through by hand and rename your mp3 tags manually? Or is there some sort of tool or utility that can do the job for you. Personally I am the do it yourselfer type of guy, so when my library was a wreck I tried to fix the problem myself.

iTunes happens to be my media player of choice and they actually offer a built in features for renaming mp3 tags. If you click on the Advanced Tab you will find an option named “Get Track Names”. When you click this option, the program will attempt to find and fix you broken music meta tags. Unfortunately most of the time you will encounter problems with this method and it will not complete the job correctly.

“Track 01″s and “Unknown Artist” will most likely still be riddled throughout your music library. Well not to worry, for the leftover broken tags you can use a piece of automated software that fixes the incorrect tags automatically. There are actually several programs to choose from that will automatically repair mp3 tags in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Of the programs to choose from there is one that really stands out among the pack. The program goes by the name of TidySongs. With great reviews from places like Mashable and DemoGeek, the TidySongs mp3 tagger is being hailed as the best music organization software available. The bottom line is that no music listener should be forced to deal with missing or incorrect song tags. And with the help of this convenient software tool you no longer have to. It starts to sound even better when you consider the alternative, long frustrating hours of manual tag renaming that could potentially drive you crazy. Take it from me, this is definitely not the best way to go. With automated tagging software your problems will be solved.

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