Improving Your Mana Curve With the Right Amount of Land

Lands are one of the basic component of a deck. It is one of the resources to win the game. Therefore a good planning and mathematical calculation of your odds of getting a good number of lands increases your chances of winning the game. If not, your game will be experience a constant drawing of needless lands instead of a spells that might turn the tide of the game. Or you might not able to draw enough lands to cast the spells in your hand to ensure survival of your game. This article will explore different kinds of deck is suitable for different amount of lands which will improve your mana curve.

If you are using a single color deck, the first part of the article is all you need. However decks with mixed colors usually give a more robust solution and effectiveness. Therefore before you start putting lands in your deck, understanding the theme of your deck is extremely important. As different type of decks uses only certain type of spells to achieve their purpose. For example, an aggressive creature beatdown deck always use very effective creatures like Tarmogoyf and Savannah lions. Another example is Control decks will love to use Wrath of God or Damnation ensure that his opponent does not have any creatures to threaten his victory. This is the table that can give you good guide in the amount of lands to use.

Next step is to found out how much spells does your deck really have. Spells like Wrath of God and Damnation has casting cost with 2 colored mana. These spells should be consider 1.5 spells due to the high demand of the casting cost. If the card is multicolor like Rafiq of the Many and Meddling Mage, these spells are considered 2. the rest of the spells with single color casting cost are considered 1 spells.

Once you found the ratio of the different color spells in your deck. Divide the lands to produce the corresponding mana. For example, you are using a control deck with 60% blue spells and 40% white spells. Therefore you should put 16 islands and 10 plains.

Always remember, Magic the Gathering is a strategy card game. You can improve your luck with good mathematical approach and planning. The amount of lands you put in is one of the key factors of building a good deck. Mana acceleration is good approach to improve your deck and required another calculation. While this wonderful card game is ever evolving, we have to ever keep learning.

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